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General Discussion / Re: Captcha activated
« on: January 08, 2015, 01:43:57 PM »
Hmm... some newly discovered vulnerability probably. Or just really good captcha bypassing.

A good fix with human contact registration for now :-)

Programming / Re: Static analysis and continuous integration
« on: August 13, 2014, 07:56:12 PM »
Hi everyone,

just wanted to let you know that I'm still around. Quite busy with work right now, but I'm hoping to get some spare time around the second half of september. :-)
I will try to make some updates related to improving the compilation / build time as it increased a bit due to some intermediate work to support both CEGUI 07 and CEGUI 08... which is no longer needed at the moment.

Bug Reports / Re: Problem with animation when entering Joringsbridge
« on: June 18, 2014, 09:55:20 PM »
Hmm... Based on the logs you posted, I would say that the cmakelists and/or cache could be corrupted.
Could you try clearing the cache and then trying again?

Bug Reports / Re: Problem with animation when entering Joringsbridge
« on: June 18, 2014, 08:00:52 PM »
Hi Mike,

the messages are meant to be just a friendly reminder of for the necessary link libs.
They look fine in my opinion :-)

I would suggest keeping the current system. I looked at 2 other titles to see how they chose to solve the issue:
- Torchlight 2 uses the same mechanism: the items presented in the inventory use the avatar's left and right hand notes:
Torchlight 2 screenshot
- Diablo 3 simply doesn't mention left and right. You have your hand and your "off" hand. The ring slots also don't mention left-right.
Diablo 3 screenshot

The Diablo 3 approach may be less prone to cause confusion with left and right, so we could enhance our current approach to something like that.

General / Re: Inventory system
« on: March 09, 2014, 04:16:01 PM »
I think the inventory was at some point done in a Diablo approach. I paricularly remember that I did not have to change tabs to equip the weapon during the training. I would like it better like that, as it makes more sense to carry more small items and give up one big item for that.
I think it was done initially as it was deemed easier to implement. But I'm not aware of any discussions on the design from that period.

Anyway, I support an update of the inventory system to make it more Diablo/Torchlight like. (Maybe make it more generic altogether).

General / Re: Discussion points for bi-monthly meeting
« on: March 02, 2014, 10:33:52 AM »
We would need an assessment of how the art team is using the repository and how we can get their art into the game.

Graphics / Re: Resummoned
« on: February 19, 2014, 09:08:25 PM »
Hehe, nice :)

Graphics / Re: Resummoned
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:03:23 PM »
Hmm, that's an idea.

But I plan on using the repo to store and share resource files, so that may imply many pictures. As we would not be dealing with code, I think using SVN would keep things simpler than Hg.

I'm still thinking on how the integration could be done with sumwars.

Graphics / Re: Resummoned
« on: February 12, 2014, 10:01:41 PM »
A short set of images to used for analysis (and see the type of controls that would be necessary) and inspiration.

Graphics / Resummoned
« on: February 12, 2014, 08:31:24 PM »
Hello everyone,

A while back, I wanted to create a separate skin for Summoning Wars. That skin is Resummoned.
At the time (january 2013), I realized that I would not be able to finish the skin anytime soon due to imminent changes
in CEGUI and the difficulty encountered in maintaining my first CEGUI skin: Glossy Serpent.

I chose to use the knowledge that I have aquired from making Glossy Serpent and adapt the already existing Summoning Wars skin.
I named my adaptation SWB, which is short for Summoning Wars Base.

As Glossy Serpent is stable now and Summoning Wars has also been updated to use CEGUI 0.8.3, I would like to restart working on the Resummoned skin. The project page is available for more than a year now:

There are many aspects of the current skin that I am not entirely happy with, but the biggest one is the licensing:
Resummoned will use the MIT license.
The most important difference in the MIT license (as opposed to the current license) is that the MIT license would allow someone else to take the skin, modify it and use it commercially. (The same license is also used for OGRE and CEGUI).

All the artwork will need to be created by the Resummoned team or exist already under a free enough license (E.g. CC-BY).

The long term goals are:
- create a dark themed skin (dark both as in used colours and theme)
- create / adapt the base controls used in the TaharezLook skin
- add custom widgets to handle more exotic scenarios, in variations for low and high information density.
- add icons/glyphs for generic game symbols (E.g. "gears" for options, a musical symbol for audio/music)
- Resummoned should fully support the needs of an RPG game like Summoning Wars.

If you are interested in joining the Resummoned project, contact me in this thread (you will also need a SourceForge account) if you're interessted in accessing the repository or building the sample application for it.

This will be a slowly evolving process.
So don't expect any immediate breakthroughs. :-)

General / Re: Discussion points for bi-monthly meeting
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:20:41 PM »
Hi guys,

As not everyone was able to attend, here's a summary of the decisions that were made during the meeting on 2014.02.09:

1. Merge of branches:
This is to be postponed until CEGUI 0.8 shall be delivered with more Linux distros.
The sound related changes need to be tested for standard C++ compliance.
The branches shall be merged. We shall support CEGUI 0.8 moving forward.

2. The changes from the material-system-056 branch shall be partially implemented; the shadow system needs to be turned off by default, as the lighting system is not yet designed to be configurable and the underground levels look funny.

3. Redmine has been chosen as the new tracking tool. It has already been set-up.
You might be able to access it here:
Soon, the link to the old Mantis tracker on this wiki shall be replaced with a link to the redmine tracker.
Decisions on the details (rules, guidelines) for using Redmine for code and / or resources has been postponed.

4. We shall not participate in the Google Summer of Code. We need to strive to improve the project first, making both the code and the overall project clearer first.

General / Discussion points for bi-monthly meeting
« on: February 01, 2014, 08:38:22 PM »
Hi guys,

these are just some discussion points for the next Summoning Wars meeting.

Some things should be clarified with regards to the next release of Summoning Wars.

For the current release:
- Technical operation: A merge should be performed between the active branches (only 2 should be active as far as I know):
  - default
  - gussoundtest
  - (maybe material-system-056)

- A management decision: A previous branch has been left hanging (material-system-056); this branch is making use of the Ogre RTShaderLib to provide somewhat better shadows. But, while the shadows look ok in the surface levels, they look strange in the underground levels.

Preparation for the next phase of development (mostly project management decisions):
- Choose a new project tracking tool to assist the technical development
- Define how the integration between the tracking tool and the project code shall be performed (E.g. guidelines for commit messages; restrictions of commit/merge without a proper issue in the tracker, etc.). A tutorial, or guide should also be created to allow developers to set-up a working IDE rather quickly.
- Define how the resource files (music, sounds, 2D textures, 3D textures) are to be integrated for development. (E.g. A separate repository?)

(All decisions can also be postponed; but of course it would make sense to have them sooner rather than later.)

General / Re: Project Tracking Tool Discussion
« on: January 31, 2014, 10:57:21 PM »
Ok, I was hoping I could give some good reasons to stick with Mantis, as it would be good enough.
But having taken a look at the feature comparison, I think I also have to support Redmine. The video tutorial I saw makes it look very easy to use. And what I saw so far in OpenMW, left a good impression on me.
dezGusty out.

General / Project Tracking Tool Discussion
« on: January 26, 2014, 07:16:05 PM »
Hello everyone,

in the latest weekly meeting, the issue of the bug-tracker to use has been brought up again. As that is a significant part of any project, and will be the base of our further development, we will post here our findings, about the possible technical solutions. All solutions shall be analyzed according to the following criteria:
- license (free and open-source licenses are preferred).
- possibility to integrate with Mercurial (so that we are able to link our code commits to the issues created in the bug-tracker).
- ease of use
- ease of configuration.
- feature set for both current and possible future use cases.
If you have any suggestions, please provide information on all 5 criteria.

 Our current use cases are:
- create a bug/task/issue, etc
- assign the item to a project member
- allow the project member to analyze the item and accept it as valid, reject it, or reassign it to someone more appropriate.

This list is a good place to start: .
Note: there are currently 2 tracking systems available.
- Mantis, integrated already into this wiki: (alas, at the time of the initial set-up, it lacked Mercurial integration. Now there seems to be an experimental plug-in for that. Not yet tested).
- The bitbucket tracker: .

If you have any proposals, please submit them in a reply to this post.
dezGusty out.

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