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[Background]The Council of Summoners


The Council of Summoners originated from a desert people and is ruled by a few powerful families.

The homeland of the Council is a large desert on the continent south of Aisen, but only the most poor and powerless remained there. Everyone else lives in Medair and works for and with the Aiseans.

The one and only god that counts for a Council member is Akeran. Every other god is just a manager that doesn't know yet. Akeran is the creator of the world and the whole creation is Akeran's by right. One day, when the promised time arrived, the Council will rule everything and Akeran will be the one true deity of all peoples.
That is what is written in the holy scriptures only shown to truthful believers of Akeran, anyway. Akeran is an ambitious god (and luckily for him the other gods don't know just how ambitious), but controlling all of creation is a trying task for any being, that is not onmipotent. Akeran tends to be aggressive, short tempered and unforgiving to those who steal his time with empty prayers.

Unknown to Akeran or the Council there is a growing fellowship of Makie, one of the Twingods of the Sandsea who Akeran ruled out. Contrary to her twin she managed to find a new source of believers in the oppressed lower layers of Council society. Followers of Makie are relatively few in number and wear a small amulett of a half moon. Should the movement be descovered, a witch-hunt for it's members is sure to follow.

The Council maintains a strict hierarchy were those in power rule over those with less power. In fact, they virtually own the people below them, and the lower it gets, the worse it becomes. A Council craftsman normally has no say in matters of his life and works for the benefits of his master and whoever owns the master. This setup is explained away by most Aiseans with cultural differences, and what happens in the Akerans-quarter is of no interest in the first place. No Aisean in his right mind would live there anyway, so why bother?
At the top stands the Council, a group with a varying number of members. There were seldom more than 20 Council-men at the same time. The current Council consists of 9 powerful summoners, most of whom already had a long life of plotting.

A long time the people of the southern desert lived a hard life and worshipped the Twingods of the Sandsee, until Akeran came. He manifested himself before a group of powerful priests, who where discontent with their own lazy gods, and with their help he overtook the whole domain. 200 years later the tribes were formed into one people called the Akir, and under the guidance of Akeran, who also taught them how to summon powerful elementals, they set out to fulfill his agenda: Conquer the world. The first target was the northern neighbour: Aisen. But the pantheon of Aisen and the Aiseans themselves proved to be an opponent too mighty, and the last prophet, Maylon, who was well over 230 years old by that time, had to make a peacetreaty, virtually a complete surrender, with the kingdom. On the other hand the ability to summon elementals from the Elemental Plains made the Akir a powerful ally, and so the Queen of that time decided to integrate them into the kingdom. Today, the Council of Summoners is a well-established organization. Autonomous, but a faithful ally.

--- Quote from: 'Spoiler' ---Of course there is also the never changed part in the holy scripts stating that all of the world shall fall under Akerans rule...

--- End quote ---
The Akir still living in the desert lands are the descendents of families too poor to be transfered to the Aisen mainland.

Almost all Council members live in the "Akerans-quarter" of Medair, and only the summoners and their guards, plus a few servants are allowed to live in the impressive Council Hall itself.

Since Aisen sees itself surrounded by enemies and has less and less soldiers to spare, summoners have been sent into every settlement of Aisen to ensure the safety of the people. Heavy experimentation goes on in the lower levels of the Council Hall to find applications for elemental summoning that are suitable for war.

--- Quote from: 'Spoiler' ---The whole war is seen as a last step for the Council to take controll of Aisen.

--- End quote ---

Important people
Lord Master Soren Windclaw - coordinator of war affairs
He is a powerful foe and could be a powerful ally as well, if anyone was crazy enough to try to befriend him. Wise Council members leave him to his machinations and try to avoid his attention. He only answers to the Council itself, and why he still is not part of the Council is a mystery inexplicable to anyone.

--- Quote from: 'Heavy Spoiler' ---I mean it.

Safe for himself, of course: Windclaw is a Branded One driven by ambitions that could mean the end of the world, or at least Aisen, and the last thing he wants is to have Akeran have a closer look at him.

--- End quote ---

Ireana of Northborough - fiancee of the Prince
Ireana is a beautiful summoner lesser in power to Windclaw only by subtle differences not visible (or understandable) to the untrained (not Akeran-believing) eye. She is the fiancee of Prince Karlen and hopes to attain a seat in the Council by becoming queen of Aisen. Why else would anyone marry a heretic? She knows how to handle human beings - men especially, but behind her smiling facade she hides a personality that knows only a few scruples. Very few.


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