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Main quest - missing the red line


Hey all,

I'm miss something like a guide quest that leads through the main story line. The problem is, when you start in the merc camp and completed "A friend in need" and "Maylons grave" you don't have a hint what to do next. You'll simply walk from level to level until you find a new quest. A simple quest like speak with "this person" in "this level" should already be enough. If somebody who is more familiar with the story line, could tell me what the quest should be, I can implement it.

well, it comes a bit late (maybe even too late), but the Main-Quest is there. If I did things correctly it should even be in the Quest-Log, but I guess there could be a step inbetween like "report to some council-guy in Joringsbridge" to make the steps more clear.
The main quest is "reach Dwarfenwall and help with the ongoing siege", interrupted by "rescue Darna Icediver"


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