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bug #91: "Left" and "right" rings descriptions are inverted


I took a look at this bug in Redmine:

Its not really a bug but more like a different point of view.
Currently it's displaying the equipped item from the avatar's point of view which is opposite to the players point of view.
I could switch the the item slots and this behavior will be changed. This should be a team decision. What makes more sense for you?

I would suggest keeping the current system. I looked at 2 other titles to see how they chose to solve the issue:
- Torchlight 2 uses the same mechanism: the items presented in the inventory use the avatar's left and right hand notes:
Torchlight 2 screenshot
- Diablo 3 simply doesn't mention left and right. You have your hand and your "off" hand. The ring slots also don't mention left-right.
Diablo 3 screenshot

The Diablo 3 approach may be less prone to cause confusion with left and right, so we could enhance our current approach to something like that.

Ok, maybe I'll jut name it Ring 1 and Ring 2. Off-hand doesn't make sense for us as we don't have such a concept in game. Our warriors can't dual wield weapons.
Maybe just shield hand? Its occupied automatically when a two handed weapon is equipped.

Maybe simply specifying "left hand" and "right hand" instead of just "left" and "right" would make it clearer? I was slightly puzzled at first, and then I quickly understood that the left/right were relative to the avatar. If the word "hand" is added, then there is no confusion anymore (people might still be surprised at first, but would understand the logic in a matter of seconds).


--- Quote from: Akien on May 10, 2014, 07:56:24 PM ---Maybe simply specifying "left hand" and "right hand" instead of just "left" and "right" would make it clearer?

--- End quote ---
I don't think so. Once again a user can think which hand are you refering to: his hand or avatar's hand.
I specially prefer diablo's, or fusion approaches.


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