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Lastmerlin on May 17, 2010, 09:27:52 PM


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I just want to inform you, how and when your name will be added to different contributor and credits lists. It is quite simple: As soon as you post some content on the forum or demonstrate in other way, that you are seriously working of the project, the name will be added to the website team list.
In contrast to that, the name will be added to the ingame list as soon as the content is actually put into the game and  the first version with that content is released.
The explanation for that is just, that I consider the ingame list as a list of persons who worked on that specific version (or previous versions), whereas the online list represents a list of persons who worked on previous release or are working on future ones.
Once set on one of these lists, I wont remove any names (except special cases I cant imagine right now)

I think that this is quite fair. The main aim of the thread is to avoid that someone is disappointed or does feel that his work is not appreciated because of not being acknowledged as contributor. Also note, that there is some delay as the page is not updates daily ;)
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getter77 on May 18, 2010, 02:30:23 AM
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Sounds fair to me.