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Pappe on January 26, 2013, 01:54:31 AM


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The idea of this thread is to make a draft for the 0.5.7 release news. And also for subsequent releases. That way we can post this very easily on various websites to show we are active and to possibly attract new contributors.

0.5.7 release

Almost a year has past since our 0.5.6 release. What are the actual reasons for this? But now we are back with our next release and the 0.5.8 release is already in planning.
You can download a Windows build here. should ideally like to the wiki or the repo. Is the bitbucket repo up to date?

Or download the source code here, if you want to build it yourself.

For build intructions please visit
Are those up to date? I wasn't able to build it, boost was not found even after setting all the correct environment variables.

Builds for other platforms would be great of course

Changes in the 0.5.7 release.
I don't really know the changes.


Planned changes for the 0.5.8 release.


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So what do you think?
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