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Feature Request: Screen resolution


When I start Summoning Wars (Fedora 16, 64-bit), it uses one of my two monitors (displaying around half of the screen). I successfully changed to windowed use, but the only resolution I'm allowed to put in spans both of my monitors -- giving me an extremely wide screen, but rather unusable… Could we maybe add in addition to the maximum size, a few "standard" resolutions (1024x768 or so), so that I can actually try this out?

Until some other method of setting such parameters is introduced, just manually edit the ogre.cfg file, e.g. "nano ~/.sumwars/ogre.cfg"

It'll look something like this:

Render System=OpenGL Rendering Subsystem

[OpenGL Rendering Subsystem]
Full Screen=Yes
RTT Preferred Mode=FBO
Video Mode=1024 x 768

[Direct3D9 Rendering Subsystem]
Allow NVPerfHUD=No
Floating-point mode=Fastest
Full Screen=Yes
Resource Creation Policy=Create on all devices
Video Mode=1024 x 768

if imay, i like to ask, HOW can i get the program
to operate in windowed mode ?
Till now i always get a screen filling view when
i start the game(portable version).
This way i am no longer able to handle for example
Skype events while the game is active.
Even the classical ALT-TAB-Keycombination will not
push the game in BG, so i can act on the rest.
So here i see a real need for a "switch" in the options
for choosing "windowed mode", as for ex. in "widelands".


@agast: if you're using Windows, there's a display mode named "Window (Fullscreen) - recommended". That should make multitasking easy.

I think we should re enable the Ogre config window or at least make it a command line switch like "sumwars --ogre-config"

This would make many of these questions obsolete since Ogre's native config window provides all the information necessary to handle multiple window configurations.


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