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Minimum Hardware?

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Hy everybody,

i have been searching the Forum, and i also took
looks around the Home-Page.
Nowhere i can find a minimum Hardware Indication.
Since i can not just always download and then try
and find out i am underfurnished, is it possible,
to add some small list at the Home page ??

It will help people alot, i think.

Thanks in advance, 

Hi and welcome to the forum,

the problem with minimal system requirements is: we don't know them :)
It doesn't require a lot of power and it should run on any system that isn't ancient by now. Your Pentium 4 should be okay (I assume you are the same person who asked on IRC, be more patient the next time ;) ) and the game also works on smaller Intel graphic cards.
So just go ahead and try it and please report back if it works or not, so we can create a list of minimal system requirements.

I hope its not to late, but please use this installer:

It has a few bugs fixed.


first of all, thank you for the information so far.
Then thanx for the link, but i do intend to use my
Kubuntu, as for the past 6 month i did nothing else :D
I have become a big fan of this system, so excuse me
for saying so, but its fun, interesting and every day a
new thing to explore.....

But, well, i will try with the information now,
and yes, i will also report ;)

So far,  thnx again,

hello again,

after yesterdays conference in IRC, i did try to
get the lates stable CEGUI. But when i do
sudo make install
nothing changes in/usr/lib/
The 0.7.5 library files are still there and nothing
to see from 0.7.6.
Is there something i didnt do right?


Ok, found out, that it installs into: /usr/local/...
and so on. Bending the Path-variables for cmake
to point there, i do at least get a picture, which
than makes my machine hang. I 'll keep trying..


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