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Some new ideas for the main storyline


Hey :)
Sorry, I know I haven´t contributed anything in the last months.
And I admit it was due to my lazyness.
But well I think as we only have 1 scripter, it isn´t needed to post some new stuff every week anyway..

Ok, here we go:
I want to share some thoughts and ideas for the storyline that begins after "The Black Pits".
The next landscape is planned to be a sump.
Main enemies gonna be lichs.
Well let´s start:

After entering the sump we get to watch a group of slaves being mistreated by the lichs.
They pull heavy wagons. As the lichs are very numberous we decide rather not to attack.
We decide to follow them without being noticed.
As we reach the camp we eavesdrop the leader lich.
He instructs the others to bring the slaves to the bridge in the north where new workes are needed.
As the lichs leave we decide to have a look at the bridge in the north and try to follow them.
They have already left but the leader lich notices us and attacks us.
Luckily he is alone in the camp and we are able to kill him.
Which is a pity because we could have get more informations through him and plus everyone knows there´s something wrong as soon as his corpse is found.
So we decide to search for the bridge.
Doing so we pass a little camp citizied by humans.
They have made it to escape from the lichs hands and hide here.
They support us with weapons and armor.

Well, so far, this is the beginning of what I have thought of.
This is the way it leads to the first city.
What do you think?

Is the conept good/fitting?

All in all it goes well with what I imagine the necromancer lands to be like. Except for the slaves that have to pull the wagons. They have zombies/other undead for that kind of work. But for the construction of a bridge one would need more dextrous workers, so living people come in handy there.

Also keep in mind that not every lich is as poweful as the one from the siege of Dwarfenwall (relatively speaking, the players have considerable more levels under their belt by then)

Well, just to let you know, I´ll be abscent the next days. And then again for a few days.
So I probably won´t be around.
Good luck with your work, be productive :)


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