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Andreas on May 14, 2010, 10:08:42 AM


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Hi everyone,

I'm the current so called "master of graphics" for the sumwars projekt. Please forgive my bad english, but I hope, you will understand me anyway.

Kalimgard asked me to put the specifications for our graphics on the forum, so I will do it.


We really try to use low-poly models. This guy is one of the monsters with the most polygons (ca. 1800).

This guy has only 844, and we are quite proud of it ;).  

We really try to have an good optic result with as few polygons as possible. 1000 Polygons is a good avarage count for any character, 2500 the absolute maximum (please don't try it ;-).

For devolpment we are using autodesk maya 2008, but if the quality of your model is good AND you want to animate it youreself, you can use any 3D editor you like and which can export models in the ogre format. There are exporters for Max, Blender and Cinema 4D for sure.  


We are using combined .png textures with the resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixel. That means, that all undead, demons, draws, characters, goblins, items, plants, armors, etc are sharing one texture as a group. Currently there is still plenty of space. If you want to add a new monster, i think it is the best idea, if kalimgard or myself are assigning you a specific area in the texture. What do you think?

We are also trying to have a consitent, dark and slightly muddy grafikstyle.
We are trying to reuse existing textures as much as possible, but that is more due to the lack of time.

We are using bumpmaps, no normalmaps

If you are wondering, wether an item can use a full 1024 x 1024 texture space: No. Please use a reasonable textureresolution in relation to the avarage screenspace of an object.

As an editor, we are using photoshop CS3.


We will need a lot of imagework for the currently really awful interface and for the ability icons. That is not fixed yet, so feel free to make a suggestion. I would really appreciate that.
There are some ability icons, but the style of some is simply to real, and a few are quite far from being perfect.

If one of you want's to work on that, I will open a new threat.

So welcome everybody and thank you a lot for sharing your precious time.

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