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kalimgard on July 09, 2010, 12:31:24 PM


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Hello, here is a list of models we are currently needing:

- the entry to Maylons Grave (done)
- a carriage for Ireana of Northborough (for all those who wondered what the boxes in the ambush-scene are: It's a carriage ;) )
- some kind of draft animal to move the carriage (work in progress by Psycho)
- a mummy (work in progress)
- cave walls for dwarfen mines in a desolate state(work in progress)
- Model of Ireana of Northborough
- Model of an Evil Cave Worm Monster (work in progress)
- Model of an Cave Entry (work in progress by HirohitoDaniel)

- Model/Adaption of Iron Armors (m/f)
- Model/Adaption of Cloth Armor (m/f)
- Model/Adaption of Leatherarmors (m/f)
- Model/Adaption of Mage Robes (m/f)

If you have other ideas of what would be in direct need right now, give me a call.

[Edit by Andreas] We will mantain this post and keep it actual. If a model is done, we move it to some location on the site.
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fusion44 on July 14, 2010, 02:49:02 PM
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I have created a new wave with a ToDo gadget, maybe its easier to maintain our progress there. When you open a task you can assign an owner, his picture will appear infront of the task. Also you can directly open a discussion wave by clicking on "Discuss". This will keep things more structured than the mess we have right now with the "post you picture postards to me" wave :rolleyes:
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