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[Background]The Demon Tribes


The demon tribes live a nomadic livestyle and have a loose alliance against outside threats. They consist mainly of demons, but coexist with barbaric humans too.

The demons inhabit the barren and vulcanic Red Plateau northwest of Aisen. While most humans would consider this land as uninhabitable, the Demon Tribes think of it as a test of strength. Few animals live here and those who do are no easy prey. Although the tribes can reach the coast, due to steep cliffs and the nomadic nature of the tribes only a few natural harbours exist. There is no agriculture to speak of, since only few plants grow here and the tribesmen consider farming to weaken the spirit.

The demons have no gods they explicitly worship, but they are a society of warriors and as such they fuel Marek of Aisen, who claims the Red Plateau as belonging to his domain. The unchanged humans worship him as Maraugh, patron of war and hunt. The only other and by far minor god is Straghiz, Goddes of Live and Death, who is a Goddess sought out by few, despite her intimidating name. Only some healers and such actively worship her, since most tribesmen don't understand why they should waste time healing the wounds of others if they can just take revenge on the ones who inflicted them. Straghiz is supposedly wed to Maraugh, which is not helpful in the real relation between the two deities.

Every Tribe is lead by a Rhun, a mighty warchief who has proven him- or herself in battle. Most of them are Demons, but the few humans who rose into their ranks are truely terrifying enemies. Every Rhun is advised by a Sage, who is chosen by the former Sage or was proven to exceed the abilities of the chosen Sage. This system allows the Tribe to function even if the Rhun is a nearly braindead warmachine, as long as he leaves the management to the Sage.
The other tribesmen are in a hierarchy of battle prowess and usefulness. A healer is well respected, but if he cannot fight he would have to be a miracle worker to get the same respect as a fully fledged warrior.
The Tribes are organized in the Gragh Rhunar, an assambly of the Rhuns that may or may not settle differences between the Tribes peacefully. It's more common to negotiate short lived alliances here. The Gragh Rhunar is led by the Lok Rhun, a powerful and almost ancient demonic being whose tribe has the most important duty on the Red Plateau: Keeping the Outsiders outside so that the Tribes can bicker with each other in peace, so to speak. The Lok Rhun also induces the illusion of a unified "Demon Nation" to Outsiders. In fact until recently there never was a unified people.

Tribal lore knows of a time when no demons were on the Red Plateau and the land itself was far more peaceful then today. When the tribesmen of old learned about the riches of their southern neighbours they became greedy and wanted to take them, but the people of Aisen proved to be not the easy prey the tribesmen thought them to be. Angered, they assembled every shaman on the Red Plateau and called forth the powers of fire and destruction, to strengthen the warriors and allow them to eradicate any resistance they might encounter. But the ritual failed. It sundered the very earth beneath their feet and led to the total destruction of their own homeland, leaving a plain of ashes and fire that took generations to heal to some extend. Not only that, but it also ripped the demons from their own plane and sucked them into our world, were they were hard pressed to find inhabitable hosts. They found the tribesmen. Those who became posessed were turned into entirely new beings - today known as demons, even if a real demon doesn't even have a body. Those of the tribes who lived far away were spared, but over the centuries, humans and demons mixed and new tribes were created. The Red Plateau never was an easy place to live in, and the demonic awakening didn't make things easier. Whenever the population became too big some Rhun assembled a large warband and assaulted Aisen, which ultimately led to the heavy fortification of Dhabi Kurad.

The Lok Rhun used his tremendous power to unite the tribes for the first time in history and wage a real war against Aisen for the first time since the days of old. The Rhuns submitted to him as soon as he made his intentions known, since none of them would have had the power to stand up against him.

--- Quote from: 'Minor Spoiler' ---The reason why the Lok Rhun gave up his traditional neutrality was because he learned about the Summoning Gem discovered in the treasury of Medair. With it the demons could extend their power considerably.

--- End quote ---

Gragh Rhunar
Aside from the few ports Gragh Rhunar is the only constant settlement on the Red Plateau. It is the home of the Lok Rhun and the assembly of the same name. Natural lava moats make Gragh Rhunar easy to defend, but also difficult to live in. The city(if one would call it that) can not maintain itself without outside help. Since the tribes acknowledge the importance of the Gragh Rhunar they pay reasonable tribute to keep it running. Also, noone wants to have Lok Rhun knocking at his door to ask what happened to the goods.
The city is the center of Tribe politics and also the place for the occasional ambassador to go. Although being sent to the Red Plateau is a sign that one has fallen quite far from the kings graces.

Important People
Lok Rhun
Noone alive knows if Lok Rhun is his real name or his title, but it's a fact that the warchiefes of the tribes are called Rhun because of him. He is seemingly immortal and lives on the Red Plateau since the demonic awakening. Until recently he was content with keeping the loose bonds between the tribes intact.

Rhun Vhiz - Rhun of the Lava Fangs
Vhiz is not only one of the most powerful Rhuns the Tribes have, she is also the daughter of Lok Rhun and seems to have inherited a considerable amount of power from him. The tribes look forward to her future, because the two other children Lok Rhun had over the centuries are legendary heroes. She is in charge of the siege of Dhabi Kurad.

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