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kalimgard on April 26, 2011, 08:15:22 PM


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Here is a rough breakdown of a humanoid skeleton for easy use in Sumwars.

Black bones (or joints for some of us) are more or less optional - no skeleton follows this 100% yet, but coming skeletons will. It's a way to make the skeleton easier to use, especially if someone wants to add parts of armor to the shoulders or legs.
So: following these names will give our skeletons a bit of standardisation, but apart from that it's not important.

Red bones are names that should be followed. Crown is important for status effects. If you change this name, whoever makes the monster for the mesh will have to change the status-mods too. So if there's no pressing reason why this should be changed, don't change it. itemLeftHand and itemRightHand are important for attaching additional items (weapons, shields, screaming skulls...) to the hands. I marked them red because this is the most common case of adjusting a model (on that note: don't put the monster and the weapon together, but make them two different models), and I'd like to have familiar names here. Less potential for mistakes and debugging.
The item-bones should be where the handle of the weapon would be during animations.

P.S.: Feel free to ask if you have questions, since this is far from perfect. But I will name a monster after the first person to give a smug comment about the sketch and kill it in a really stupid way.
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