Topic: New monsters to roam Aisen

kalimgard on September 20, 2010, 10:31:53 PM


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Hello everyone. Lastmerlin asked me to post a list of monsters to come, so if you want to model but don't know what here is a couple of suggestions (and I doubt that it is final):

Spiders(they are done, integrated and ingame)
Bats(done and integrated)
Dragonflys(work in progress)
some wolfs that are... well, more wolflike than the current ones (work in progress)
earthelementals(preferably in a way that allows them to carry varying weapons) edit: recently replaced by ogre-like monsters (work in progress)
dwarfen mummies (work in progress)
scretlueaang (Some Creepy Things That Live Under The Earth And Are Not Goblins)
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