Topic: Is Diablo 3 causing Addiction?

Andreas_P on September 04, 2010, 04:10:10 PM


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Hey guys, Many THANKS for your work on the libre Game Summoning Wars.

I have a question to ask: (short explanation)
I did play Diablo(I+II) more than I have should. After a LOOONG while, I recognized that I should improve my "real life" and not a virtual characters one.

So here is my question: What have you been doing about "addiction-mechanisms"? Things like small amounts of jewels, xp, goldcoins weapons combined with a great amount of adrenaline? After 1 short look, I instantly noticed that you are going to make a libre Diablo. And this could be a problem.

There is a board called: "" (which is looking like html3-4), but was started by sorrowful parents. And those people in this board argued that prohibition of those games would be helpful, and that they could ban copies from the shops.

But we're in the Internets! You simply cannot do that anymore. Nobody understood me clearly, and I ran against a wall of stupidity when I tried to focus the problem to FOSS and Gaming.

So, that is my real problem. Problably you don't wan't to have any money for playing "Sum Wars" (which in fact is great) but, 11year olds could install your work, play in something like the "Battle.Net" and communicate with other kids and plan to do raids or something like that together. Kids and Guilds are no good mixture. (imho).

Please answer this mail, and tell me if you are aware of this problem. Diablo is NOT WOW-, But for me (personally). It is worse.

Yours sincerely, Andreas_P
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poVoq on September 04, 2010, 04:17:11 PM
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Well, I guess MMORPGs are much worse in that regard, but ultimately you can be addicted to many things, and there are probably worse things to be addicted to (which someone might very well turn to, if you forbid computer games).

Regarding computer games and children it's the responsibility of the parents to make sure that they don't play too long (or the wrong games), regardless if the game is FOSS or not.
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Lastmerlin on September 04, 2010, 05:10:33 PM
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I dont see a problem here. You can get addicted to everything of course. So its not our responsibility to reduce this  danger to zero. Furthermore, there are quite a few things we want to do better (or different) than diablo in this regard.

We dont need addicted players like WOW. I want to make a game that is fun to play and if you are really addicted to gaming it is acually not fun anymore. For WOW such players are great, because they pay the fee regularly. We, as an open source game, can afford to omit features that are only invented to keep players playing for hours without adding anything really new or any depth to the game. In contrast to that, gaming industry intentionally uses patterns to make players addicted.

If you want some examples:
- Very good items are not _far_ better than good items. Searching hours and hours for better objects is not rewarded with significant improvement of equipement
- there are no runes, jewels or other objects with very high values and very low dropchance that require playing for hours to find one
- monster strength is balanced so that you can handle them with clearing each region once. No excessive grinding is required
- skill trees and items are fit together in such a way, that you can play the game with most skill and item combinations. So there is no need to get the perfect equipement and have a dozens tries to find the one optimal build.

These things are made intentionally and of course we will stick to them. I hope this is sufficient to reject your objections.
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hal9000 on September 04, 2010, 08:43:29 PM
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Almost everything in our life could potentially cause a certain damage..but if you focus on the "potentially" side you cannot do anything.

If a child uses SumWars for 2 days straight and dies for epilepsy..believe me the fault is just of the parents.. ..not of the game.

If you buy a bike to your son and you don't look after him, letting the child make a car-slalom on the road..if he collides, the fault.. ..isn't of the bike.

Don't you agree?

kalimgard on September 08, 2010, 12:20:22 PM
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Well, I thought about this problem a lot (not in regards of Sumwars, but with games in general), when I wondered: Do I want my children to play the games I play right now when they are as old as me? And yes, that was some years ago. I haven't come up with a satisfying answer yet, but I came across a nice quote: Parents, don't leave your children alone with games. I never had a problem with playing what I wanted, but on the other hand, I'm not the type to play games for bloods sake. You will see (given that you play the game, of course :)), that Sumwars doesn't have that much more violence than your regular cartoon. We don't spill blood(not really), we don't severe heads, we don't blast our goblins into tiny bits when they are hit by a fireball. And we never will, at least not as long as I have a say in that matter. So we are not more dangerous than any comercial RPG out there, and there are numerous ways for an eleven year old to get his hands on one of those. Even if the parents know nothing.

Of course this may sound like we are hiding from responsibility, but there is only so much we can do about it. I will try to add some scenes to show that our goblins are sentient beings as well, but honestly, this kind of game doesn't work that well without unreasonable monster hordes... I'm happy to have found one concept that doesn't involve killing (or destroying your rivals to include economy simulations) and still sounds like fun to me, and that is the result of at least eight years.