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Welcome to the narrators corner


Hello and welcome here where those rigging the world should gather.

This is the right place if you have nice sidequests to share, ideas for NPC's doing nothing but standing around, having a few topics to talk about and doing nothing else or maybe ideas on the main story and such.
Please be sure to give spoiler-warnings if there would be one occuring in your post. I was told not to outline the story here, but in the end you can not have a story forum and not talk about the story, can you.

A word about sidequests. What we are not looking for is the following: "Hey there, warrior-guy X! Go to [Far away place] and kill [unreasonable amount] of [damn dangerous monster that occurs every once in a time]." If you are not sure whether your quest would fall into this category just post the idea. Then others can have a look at it and give their oppinions on it. I'm basically saying this because to my experience it is pretty difficult to come up with a truely original quest. You will have noticed if you compared this with the quests already implemented in the game.

Now I hope I did not scare you away :).
Another thing, just to be on the safe side: You have an idea but know nothing about programming? That's alright. There will be others to take on that job. But of course, if you want to see it as fast as possible, making it yourself would be most likely the safest way ;).


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