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Graphics / Links and Resources for Artists
« on: April 17, 2011, 08:06:43 AM »

here I want to collect links to tutorials about the graphical side of content creation. If you find something interesting post it here and I'll update the main thread.

- Blender Tutorial series by 3DBuzz:
- UV unwrapping: - real-time UV unwrap in Blender
- Animation:
- Reutilizing animations and rigs with Blender:

Blender Sites:


Free and complete art site:
If you want to use art from public resources make sure it has a sumwars compatible license!

Animations:: (Topology for animation)

Programming / Interesting link
« on: March 22, 2011, 05:11:27 PM »
Hey I've found an interesting link about pointers in C++ which might be interesting for some of you.

Graphics / Texture creation
« on: March 21, 2011, 08:21:51 PM »
For those that are interested in texture creation, there's a nice overview over opensource apps available for use including short tutorials:

Programming / Approach to the editor problem
« on: February 20, 2011, 08:11:17 PM »
A conversation in IRC about the editor problem. I'll post it here so it won't get forgotten :-)

(19:38:33) Lastmerlin_: ok some proposal to think about
(19:39:10) Lastmerlin_: I propose, that we directly use the xml tree that represents ingame object in our data file for our internal data structure in the editors
(19:39:29) Lastmerlin_: for instance you create an ingame object from a model
(19:39:40) Lastmerlin_: then our new system first creates the xml tree
(19:40:00) Lastmerlin_: and passes this xml doc to the object factory
(19:40:43) Lastmerlin_: furthermore, i propose that even when we offer an gui solution for creating the content, we also allow displaying the underlying xml document
(19:40:59) Lastmerlin_: advantages: we already have the readers for the input data
(19:41:22) Lastmerlin_: we can easily save the content in the format the game want to see later
(19:41:27) fusion44: yes of course the more fine grained we can our editing make the better
(19:41:46) Lastmerlin_: we do not need to create new data structures for new content increation
(19:42:00) fusion44: how far to abstract that from the artists is the programmers choice
(19:42:30) Lastmerlin_: and my idea is, if artists can see the xml structure they are creating with clicks, some of them will learn the xml structure over time
(19:42:33) Lastmerlin_: or at least the basics
(19:42:38) Lastmerlin_: just an example
(19:42:40) fusion44: but displaying the whole relationship of our gameobjects is not something thats easily achieved with cegui
(19:43:12) Lastmerlin_: you choose an ogre mesh from a list
(19:43:15) Lastmerlin_: for creating some object
(19:44:01) Lastmerlin_: game should internally create a renderinfo looking like this:
(19:44:55) Lastmerlin_:
(19:44:56) Lastmerlin_:    
(19:44:56) Lastmerlin_:

(19:45:17) Lastmerlin_: and you can feed that to the graphic engine
(19:45:48) Lastmerlin_: and if he decides to create an object, game internally creates an object xml, perhaps like that:
(19:46:50) Lastmerlin_:
(19:46:51) Lastmerlin_:        
(19:46:51) Lastmerlin_:        
(19:46:51) Lastmerlin_:

(19:47:17) Lastmerlin_: you see, that we can hide all this from the artist, generate all names internally, as well as the links
(19:47:40) Lastmerlin_: however, I think we should leave the option, to show the underlying code to anyone who likes to see it
(19:47:59) Lastmerlin_: because I think, that some of our content creators will like to have a look and learn that its no black magic
(19:48:35) Lastmerlin_: and finally: Our XML readers have some big advantages: They already have a lot of defaults built-in
(19:49:03) Lastmerlin_: you can leave out a _lot_ of attributes and they will fill the data structures with data that makes sense
(19:49:32) Lastmerlin_: ho do you think about this general idea ?
(19:50:03) fusion44: when you implement this you can pass back a filename and the linename where the information is stored
(19:50:17) fusion44: I'll open the file in the text editor
(19:50:31) fusion44: and the artist could directly adjust the files to his liking
(19:50:51) Lastmerlin_: I think you should open the file and parse it into an XML tree
(19:50:52) fusion44: I think its a great idea
(19:51:20) fusion44: that would be the second step
(19:51:21) Lastmerlin_: and you just modify a part of the tree and write it back
(19:51:39) Lastmerlin_: although, you have to be a bit careful with that
(19:51:52) Lastmerlin_: ensuring, that reading and rewriting really does not change anything
(19:52:05) Lastmerlin_: e.g. that you do not loose any comments, newlines etc
(19:52:13) fusion44: yes thats the problem
(19:52:31) fusion44: most of the xml parsers I know just write it in their own formating
(19:52:43) Protogenes: and comments are never preserved
(19:52:53) Lastmerlin_: well tinyxml supports getting the line where a certain element was found
(19:52:59) Lastmerlin_: and it reads comments as well
(19:53:30) Lastmerlin_: I am pretty sure it can be done, that you just replace the parts of an xml that represent a certain element
(19:54:17) Lastmerlin_: the idea is, that the XML tree is your *document* you are working on
(19:54:24) Lastmerlin_: and you have a dual way of editing it
(19:54:31) Lastmerlin_: GUI and direct text editor
(19:54:48) Lastmerlin_: and you see changes in both sections
(19:55:22) Lastmerlin_: I am convinced, that this is the way to learn the xml structure quite easily as well
(19:56:06) Protogenes: the idea is good, tho preserving the layout and comments may be hard. and DOM-xml is always expensive (memory wise)
(19:57:19) Lastmerlin_: xml trees for a single object are small
(19:57:32) Lastmerlin_: even the bigger ones (monsters etc) are somewhere around 100 lines of text
(19:57:39) Lastmerlin_: this is negligible
(20:00:30) fusion44: sounds reasonable to me
(20:08:05) Lastmerlin_: ok, thats the idea essentially
(20:08:25) Lastmerlin_: just keep it in mind for a few days, perhaps some questions or objections occur

General / Windows precompiled binaries
« on: January 23, 2011, 12:14:53 PM »

I'll provide updated window precompiled binaries here more often. I aim for every ten revisions or after a major change that needs immediate testing.

I hope this helps our graphics and sound guys to see and hear the work ingame more quickly.

This is the latest bin:
Attention: If you get an error about OpenAL.dll or the game runs slow as hell, then install the OpenAL redist package included!

As always you can check the developments from cia:


Graphics / Free Icons
« on: December 25, 2010, 10:15:53 PM »
sadly since HAL9000 disappeared, we don't get any new icons so maybe we can use free ones availeable from There's this pack:

They look good and are a big improvement over some of the current ones ^^.

We also need to maintain a list of icons that are not made for sumwars so we can replace theese by icons that are more fitting to the sumwars style.

Programming / Threading libraries
« on: October 16, 2010, 09:36:41 AM »
Hey there,

we need a small cross platform threading library. Please if you know lighweight libraries post them here so we can compare them.

The most promising I have found yet is

it consists of three files wich should be small enough for inclusion, and its a rather long running project so it maybe pretty stable.

General Discussion / Our first review
« on: September 20, 2010, 05:36:46 PM »
Get it here:

Some good points he has but some of it is highly subjective. Many of them already have been discussed in the forums and are planned changes.

Maybe we'll get more nice publicity like this in the future.

Graphics / Tool tips
« on: August 28, 2010, 10:14:45 PM »
Hey Guys,

I'm not sure where exactly to put this but I guess this should be in a "Game design" sub forum. Feel free to move this thread where it feels more appropriate (General?) :).

I have made a short video to demonstrate how tool tips work with cegui 0.7 which will come after 0.5.2.
Watch the video at YouTube:

At the moment its a rather dumb system, it only distinguishes between whether the mouse pointer is in the upper or in the lower half of the screen. How does everyone want the system to work? It could be done that the tool tips follow the mouse but in my opinion a fixed place works better and its easier done.  For example when you hover over items in your inventory we hide all other items where you might want to go next.

Programming / Recast Navigation lib
« on: July 13, 2010, 10:34:11 AM »
Recast is a AI navigation library. It automatically creates a navigation mesh and also has a library for finding paths in that mesh. Maybe we could use this for sumwars?

A blog post from someone who has integrated it already:

General Discussion / Mumble Server for Sumwars
« on: May 20, 2010, 08:44:12 PM »
Hey guys,

I have setup a mumble server for you talking pleasure :). The address is . Currently its without a password and its open for everyone. In my experience teamspeak draws alot of spam to it so we may have to setup a password later on. But for now, have fun :)


Programming / Help me test the cmake build system (Linux atm)
« on: May 12, 2010, 08:44:24 PM »

I've got Sumwars building using the cmake build system. Here's the diff file against latest trunk.

In case somebody doesn't know how to compile using cmake, get cmake and cmake-gui from your favourite package manager then run cmake-gui and follow the written steps in red. Ignore the ugly black parts in the image my image drawing app screwed that up. :)

When you've generated the makefiles just point a console to your build directory and execute make. The sumwars executable is build into the build directory. Just copy it over to trunk or copy all the folders needed by the game into the build directory (what I did). I'll automate that in the future when I add the install target. If something goes wrong read through the log window, there you can see what went wrong.

This won't work on windows yet! Its on my TODO as next when this works well on Linux.
Btw, this works well with multiple ogre installs. It differentiates between 1.6 from the ubuntu repositories and my 1.8 source install :)

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