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Graphics / Free graphical content - May I help?
« on: November 05, 2011, 05:48:51 PM »
Hello :)

Just as a warning: I don´t have any idea of graphics design.

But I thought maybe I could support you by searching for free graphical content.
I thought I could search for Blender models etc, that are free to use.
Do you think, that would help you?

I mean things like this:

btw I just had an cool idea for the game:
Making a town on the trees (houses are on platforms on the trees and you have cable cars to go from platform to platform).
I know, this means much work.. But just an idea from mine.
I guess greatest problem here would be missing content, right?

Well, so just tell me what you think and tell me if I can help you by searching free graphical content :)


Off-Topic / It´s me :p
« on: November 04, 2011, 09:40:49 PM »
Hey sumwars team ;)

Yeah most of you know me.
I´m the guy from the chat who always uses tons of shortcuts and whose English is not the best :p
Forgive me, if I´m saying something incorrectly, but I´m still learning English.
But I guess you understand me :p

Well.. yeah I know this game pretty long.. Finally I made it registering myself to the forum :p
I love this game because of its spirit to be the first one of its sort.
You can influent and help creating the first free 3D offline rpg!
And this game is going to have a unique fantastic gaming spirit.

I don´t have any ability that can help you "creating" the game in terms of programming, creating artistical stuff or something like that.
But! I do support (and appreciate) you and your game by playing it and I do have many ideas.

So if you can use my help, I´d be happy to give you many of ideas.
btw I can´t wait to test the summoning scrolls :p (though I know that is going to take a while, but don´t haste.)
I have much time for giving you ideas, so if you can use some kind of "idea worker" in your team or also just a fan with ideas along the way I´m your man :)

Well, so far.


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