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Story / Green orchid
« on: November 12, 2011, 08:26:03 PM »
Green orchid:

In Joringsbridge there´s a girl called Reba standing in a corner next to the teleporter.
She tells us she loves flowers and she would so appreciate a green orchid.
// I think it would look awesome if there was a flowerbed behind her :)
We tell her we try to gather one and give it to her if we have success. As a sign of good will she gives us a beautiful hat. And here the trading starts:
-> Dwarfenfall: Eric (standing next to the guards) gives us a old scholar scroll for the hat.
-> Copper Rock: Thomas (standing in front of his house) gives us a mosaic for the scholar scroll.
-> Dhabi Kurad: Major Chabbyl (standing in his house after the battle) gives us a mage´s journal for the mosaic.
-> Mhur Rizar: Araziar (standing in an alley) gives us a statue of Harad for the mage´s journal.
-> Gragh Rhunar: Fenizia (standing next to the town gate) gives us a mountain crystal for the statue of Harad.
-> Black Pits: Simon (the weapon trader) gives us a green orchid for the mountain crystal.
-> Back to Joringsbridge: We give the green orchid to Reba and as a reward she gives us a special amulet.

Story / The missing boyfriend
« on: November 12, 2011, 07:56:07 PM »
The missing boyfriend:

In Dhabi Kurad Sarah (standing next to the teleporter stone and looking worried) tells us that her boyfriend Lucas is missing. He lives in Dwarfenwall and wanted to visit her. Last time he has been seen he was in Copper Rock.
West of Copper Rock on a way we hear a call when we are going next to a stone pass entry.
In the stone pass we find a ritual place and there are some enemies praying and doing a ritual where they are going to sacrifice Lucas (who is bound).
// Note: Before we start the quest there are just no enemies in the stone pass/ritual place. But the place itself is already there.
But we will hold them from killing Lucas and as we come nearer to them they stop praying and attack us.
When we killed them we unbind Lucas and he runs to Dhabi Kurad. Back there we find Lucas and Sarah happy together and as a reward Sarah gives us an old mage staff from her grandpa (which should be special and strong enough for us to keep for the next few levels).

Story / The major´s ring
« on: November 12, 2011, 07:28:29 PM »
The major´s ring:

We can talk to him in his house when the town is free form enemies to get the quest.
Before the troops came, the major from Dhabi Kurad had some walk. Suddenly the enemies came and he ran away panically. But unfortunately he lost his ring when running..
We promise him to look for his ring. It was north from the town on a side path where he lost it.
When we go there to look for the ring a mercenary with his mage friend has already found the ring.
He wants to sell it because he knows the major doesnt have much gold.
So we get the choice: Buy it for much gold or attack the two.
If we buy it we go to the major and get a small amount of gold as a reward.
If we fight:
The mage is capable of attacking with mighty ice spells and the mercenary is a tank with an axe.
When we kill them them we get some experience and we gain the mercenaries axe (which should be a special item, good enough to keep for like 3 levels) and of course the major´s ring.
We give the ring back to the major and get a little amount of gold as a reward.
And if we don´t need the axe we can sell it for much gold.

Story / The two brothers
« on: November 12, 2011, 07:14:27 PM »
Hello :)
As you know I wanted to help somehow, so now I´m helping with the story :)
At first I made some sidequests. I´ll make 1 thread for every sidequest. (I wrote 4 so far)
Ok, let´s start..

The two brothers:

Eric (a guy in Dwarfenwall, standing next to the city guards) is too coward to go to the Black Pits.
But there lives his brother Simon (he is the weapon trader) and he has a message for him.
So he gives us a letter for him and we promise him to give it to Simon as soon as we arrive the Black Pits. Eric promises us that Simon will give us an reward. But because of Simon is poor and has no gold he allows us to pick one weapon of our choice for free from his shop.

Graphics / Free graphical content - May I help?
« on: November 05, 2011, 05:48:51 PM »
Hello :)

Just as a warning: I don´t have any idea of graphics design.

But I thought maybe I could support you by searching for free graphical content.
I thought I could search for Blender models etc, that are free to use.
Do you think, that would help you?

I mean things like this:

btw I just had an cool idea for the game:
Making a town on the trees (houses are on platforms on the trees and you have cable cars to go from platform to platform).
I know, this means much work.. But just an idea from mine.
I guess greatest problem here would be missing content, right?

Well, so just tell me what you think and tell me if I can help you by searching free graphical content :)


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