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Off-Topic / Leaving the team
« on: April 07, 2012, 05:51:01 PM »
Hello guys :)

I just wanna say goodbye to you all.
Thanks for spending so much time with me.
It was a nice time and I think we had some fun together.
But unfortunately I gotta leave the team.
The thing is:
Let´s be honest:
I´ve actually never really contributed anything except some lines of story.
And I admit my motivation to continue is very low..
I´m not really playing the game since months anyway.
The main reason for me to join was that I could speak english.
But, well..  ::)
That´s not a real reason. I think we all know that.
I really admire what you guys have done.
You put a lot work in here and I wish you the best for the future.
Lots of fun, luck and success!
I hope you understand.


Story / Some new ideas for the main storyline
« on: April 02, 2012, 01:21:42 PM »
Hey :)
Sorry, I know I haven´t contributed anything in the last months.
And I admit it was due to my lazyness.
But well I think as we only have 1 scripter, it isn´t needed to post some new stuff every week anyway..

Ok, here we go:
I want to share some thoughts and ideas for the storyline that begins after "The Black Pits".
The next landscape is planned to be a sump.
Main enemies gonna be lichs.
Well let´s start:

After entering the sump we get to watch a group of slaves being mistreated by the lichs.
They pull heavy wagons. As the lichs are very numberous we decide rather not to attack.
We decide to follow them without being noticed.
As we reach the camp we eavesdrop the leader lich.
He instructs the others to bring the slaves to the bridge in the north where new workes are needed.
As the lichs leave we decide to have a look at the bridge in the north and try to follow them.
They have already left but the leader lich notices us and attacks us.
Luckily he is alone in the camp and we are able to kill him.
Which is a pity because we could have get more informations through him and plus everyone knows there´s something wrong as soon as his corpse is found.
So we decide to search for the bridge.
Doing so we pass a little camp citizied by humans.
They have made it to escape from the lichs hands and hide here.
They support us with weapons and armor.

Well, so far, this is the beginning of what I have thought of.
This is the way it leads to the first city.
What do you think?

Is the conept good/fitting?

Off-Topic / Happy Birthday Jorge!
« on: March 20, 2012, 04:00:57 PM »
Hey jorge :)

I just wanna say happy birthday to you.
Hope, you enjoy it :)
New year, new luck!

Off-Topic / My absence
« on: February 16, 2012, 08:04:09 PM »
Hello :)

Sorry for still being abscent.
I´m still having trouble with my new system.
But I hope I´ll get it all fixed soon, so I can help here again.
kalimgard is very busy atm, too, so the story part is sleeping a bit at the moment anyway.


Off-Topic / Christmas gaming session?
« on: December 21, 2011, 05:56:57 PM »
Hey guys.

Yes, christmas is coming and with it free days and holidays.
I hope you all´ll have a relaxing time and no stress :)

Well, I just had some little idea, maybe it´s silly, but I thought maybe some of you like it, so I just decided to post it in here, so you all can see it and answer if you´re interested.

Well my idea is the following:

We all make a date and time where we meet in chat before starting playing.
We need to know the host (sorry, I can´t host) before the event and we should test, if it works by a testing session (well 2 people are enough for testing I guess). I think that should be done 1-2 days before.
We all need the same version (I´d propose 0.5.5 official stable release) and a char on a specific level. For example we could all start with a lvl 1 or 2 char who just finished the tutorial.
If we organised all this, we just have to wait till the date and time and then we can have a nice time playing Sumwars together :)

Please tell me, what you think.
Is this a good idea? Or is it a flop?

And if you like that idea, please tell me if you wanna participe or not.

Thanks & merry christmas :)


Feedback & Feature Requests / "skip dialouge"-button?
« on: December 16, 2011, 03:29:49 PM »

I just got an cool idea:
We all know this: Playing through a game the second time and already knowing what to do and when and where.. But we gotta click away all these dialouges.
That sucks.
So why not add an button to skip the dialouge?

What do you think?

Bug Reports / 2 more multiplayer bugs
« on: November 25, 2011, 11:48:06 PM »
Hey :)

I just tested multiplayer with a friend.
And it worked!
We started together in the tutorial.
There are 2 problems:

I joined when we was ready to attack the slugs (I joined before when he was in prison but it crashed..). But I didn´t get a weapon.
So i had to play singleplayer, get a weapon and rejoin.

Ehm after taking the crystal we 2 wanted down again.
When I was trying to take the stairs down it horribly lagged and I always got beamed up again.. WTF?
We decided to stop there, play the tutorial in singleplayer and multiplay after the tutorial again :)
That´s much easier..

Ok, so I hope you can fix those 2 :)
Good luck!

Bug Reports / Enemy names don´t appear anymore
« on: November 20, 2011, 05:01:36 PM »
Hey :)

Playing the newest version (Gusty´s shadow build), I discovered the following bug:
If you attack an enemy his name in the health bar is missing.

Guess you already noticed it, but just for the case you didn´t :)

Feedback & Feature Requests / Make the gameplay more fluid
« on: November 16, 2011, 08:16:09 PM »
Hello :)

I think the current gameplay is not exactly like a hack´n slay gameplay should be like.
I think it has to become more liquid and faster.

My proposals:

-active camera (i mean when u touch the screen´s right or left sided end the camera should move with the mouse around the character because that would bring a better overview and a more active camera)

-character should walk faster..

-faster attacks (and more artistical attacks, atm its just smashing with the same move everytime..)

-more graphical attack effects, like for example exploding enemies when dying, but also cooler spells, for example the chain lightning is totally unspectacular.. (and the special attacks in general should look more spectacular..)

-well.. maybe cooler sounds but thats coming anyway i guess :)

-maybe the char could be surrounded by a little shiny ring on the ground or something, that would make it easier to recognize him in huge battles with many monsters.

-more colorful equpipment.. (armor should be more colorful and maybe special weapons should be shiny, for example a sword with firedamage should shine red, an enhanced weapon should be green or sth etc)

-and the last thing: I´d really like to see dual wielding. It really improves the fun and it gives the players more freedom in choosing his weapons and fighting style.

Ok, so please tell me what you think about the list.
I know that some things are difficult to implement and it is not pressing, but I think it should be implemented in future.
This is what would make Sumwars a perfect hack´n slay :)

Story / The prison (Part 2)
« on: November 16, 2011, 05:23:36 PM »
This is the second part of the prison quest.

The prison (Part 2)

The second prison is hidden in the Westwoods. After looking around a bit there, we soon find the second prison we were searching for. This time there are like 30 guards. They´re all standing in front of the prison. The prisoners have to produce these little bombs for the bandits. After killing all the guards we notice that, again, the key for the prison is missing. The prisoners tell us that there is a huge guard called Breham (Rob´s brother, but not a branded one) near the prison and that he is holding the key. After looking around for a while we find him and he immediately attacks us. After killing him we get his armor ("Breham´s armor" is a very good armor for melee fighters) and after setting the prisoners free one of them is very thankful and gives us a mage hat. The prisoners run back to Joringsbridge and the quest is finished.

Story / Goblin raid [add-on]
« on: November 15, 2011, 08:17:18 PM »
So here we got another sidequest for the existing storyline :)
Think we should have enough now.
But I´m not really sure if you like this one..
Please tell me what you think.

The goblin´s training camps

On our way to Joringsbridge we cross the Aisener meadow. We come from northwest and for our main way we just take the path out in the north. But if we go southwest we find a goblin training camp. We´re just right for the teacher´s introduction to the new students. They haven´t seen us yet. We get two options for what to do next:

a) Listen carefully and collect information before we attack
b) Attack immediately

If we choose a):
We hide behind a barrel near the training camp. Through the teacher´s talk we get to know that they are trained for pilgering human cities. After the training they will split up all over the country and bring terror to the human cities of Aisen. We also find out that this is only a sidecamp. There is another one (the main camp) in the northeast of the meadow. When the lesson starts we attack and kill all the goblins. The teacher is the mighty shaman Brec, who is well known for his mighty lightning spells. After killing him we see some goblin hiding behind another barrel. He´s shivering and seems not to be evil. We decide to have mercy and not to kill him. He tells us where the second (and main) camp is located: In the northeast of the meadow. We decide to go look for it.

If we choose b):
We attack the camp, kill all the goblins (also the little peaceful one) and the shaman (Brec). Afterwards we take a little monologue. That was too easy and it feels like there is was just a little sidecamp. We decide to search around to look for a greater camp.

When we finally arrive in the northeast of the map we decide to look out for the second camp, our instinct says us, that it must be somewhere here. After looking around a bit we soon find it. We decide not to lose any time and attack immediately. After killing all the numberous goblins the camp is empty. We decide to reward ourselves for a well done job. We take all the stuff we can find in the camp: We steal all the gold and equipment that´s hidden in some barrels and some huge chests.

But after that we remember something: The other camp had a leader. This one didn´t.. Or at least he was not here during our attack. And as we turn around and wanna leave the leader appears.. It´s a huge goblin holding a sword, the well known and dreaded Rupert. Without talking it comes to a fight. He is angry because we killed all his goblin soldiers. After a rough fight we again gain some gold and finally finished the quest.

Story / The prison (Part 1)
« on: November 14, 2011, 07:07:44 PM »
Ok, so Lastmerlin told me, that there are not enough sidequests in the current existing storyline
(Ok honestly, I think that, too).
So I had an great idea. I never understood why the terrain you enter when you take the northern way out of Joringsbridge is empty. Well however I found a good use for it :)
And I also thought, due to the many bandits there that it could be a bandit quest.
So I had the idea of a prison. And I thought maybe we could make a second sidequest out of that.
And maybe we can also link that with Rob the Robber later (if you have nothing against that kalimgard).
So, here it is :)
What do you think?

The prison (Part 1)

When we talk to the sergeant in Joringsbridge he tells us that there are a few persons missing since a few days. He tells us there is a rumor that the bandits have taken prisoners to let them work for them.
When we take the northern way out from Joringsbridge we entry the joringsforest. Normally we would just turn left for our main way. But if we go to the northeast corner we gonna find many bandits sitting round a fire. They´re talking about prisoners. We decide to hide behind a tree and listen carefully to them. Now it is sure that the bandits have taken prisoners from the town. While the bandits are talking we find out that they have their prison in the deeper fairy forest. When the talk is over and the bandits wanna leave, we block their way and attack them. After killing those bandits we go visiting the deep
fairy forest. After defeating Rob the Robber (which we were going to do anyway..) we go to the northwest corner and there we find a cage with some prisoners working in it. It seems that they´re building a catapult. In front of the cage there are 4 bandit guards. Before we can attack them and free the people they shout out that there are invaders. Quickly other guards are coming and in the end there are 20 guards. They attack us. When we killed them we find the cage´s key in a box near the northern fence. We take it and free the prisoners. One of them tells us, that the group got splitted when they were taken prisoners. That means that there must be a second prison, but we don´t know its location. We decide to hear around for information, that´s all we can do for the moment. The prisoners run back to town. Back in Joringsbridge we talk to the sergeant and as a reward he gives us 4000 gold and some nice helmet from a thankful prisoner.

Story / Tecra´s bow
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:40:47 PM »
Tecra´s bow

When we have rescued the mercenary in the entry of the caverns he asks us if we know the old legend about Tecra. We get the choice to let him talk or to tell him to shut up. If we let him talk, he tells us the legend: Hundreds of years ago Tecra was the best archer on earth. He was a good human and so he decided to fight against the necromancers to punish them for what they did to the humans. But he wouldn´t fight alone, of course he had a troop of loyal helpers with him. But Vecronce, the god of desease didn´t like that. He created a desease called flesh fever and spreaded it over the necromancer´s land. This desease makes a fighter slowly get killed by his own weapons. After a while it reached the fronts and Tecra and all his soldiers got ill by it. Soon they died and the war ended. Their souls are owned by Vecronce now, but their possesed bodies still walk on earth. It is said that Tecra and a few soldiers are hiding deep in these caverns, guarding their holy weapons, which they aren´t capable to use anymore due to their desease. After the story we decide to go search in the caverns for them. When we go west from the cavern´s entry and then north in the next room we reach an huge cavern hall. In the northwest of this room we find several empty sarcophagi. Suddenly a group of undead soldiers is coming near to us. They shout "Get away from our weapons!". We decide to attack them. When we killed them we look in the sarcophagus in the middle, which is greater than the others. We find an special bow: Tecra´s bow. A very mighty bow for those who are able to control it.
// Should be a really strong bow, because the enemies are really good fighters.

General / Mark main quest places on the minimap?
« on: November 12, 2011, 11:12:57 PM »

Just some little suggestion:
Why not mark the main quests places and teleporter stones on the map with some little signs on the minimap?
So you can´t miss it, cuz sometimes it can be a little confusing where the main story continues.
Maybe you could also set an little arrow to the path that leads us to the next main event?
I´d also appreciate if teleporter stones would be marked on the minimap, sometimes it´s really hard to find them when you just want to return to town after fighting a long time and travelling a long way.

But I wouldn´t mark sidequest places because then theres no more reason to explore.

What do you tink?

Story / Rizar the demon eater
« on: November 12, 2011, 10:53:19 PM »
Rizar the demon eater:

North from Mhur Rizar there is a little side path. When we follow this side path till its end we find an entry to a cave. When we enter that cave there are two demons running out of the cave. We stop them and they tell us not to attack them. Now we get the choice:
a) Attack them
b) Let them explain
Case a):
We kill them, but we want to know why they ran away. So we have to look into the cave for the answer.
Case b):
We let them explain. They tell us an old demon legend:
Once there was a demon so huge he had to live in a cave away from the other demons. He never stopped growing and so one day he couldn´t come out of the cave anymore. But unfortunately the cave collapsed. He has blood all over his body, being jammed between the stones. He is angry and to survive he eats every demon that goes to far into the cave. These two wouldn´t believe the legend, but now they do. They run away and we want to look for that monster.
When we go deeper in the cave we quickly find it. It attacks us.
It tries to beat us with its claws and spits green acid. // It shall be a really tough enemy.
When we killed it its ghost thanks us for setting him free and tells us he´d rather burn in hell than being jammed between those stones for another eternity. As a reward we may take all the stuff and the gold he took from the demons he ate to survive in all the long time.

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