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General / Project List and scedule for 0.5.5
« on: May 28, 2011, 07:24:37 PM »
I have the feeling that we are in a phase where project progress is rather creeping that dashing. Moreover, I have somewhat lost overview over the state of the different subprojects. This is not critical - we had several such phases in past as well. You just need to make sure that this does not become a permanent issue.

My counterstrategy for this is making lists of aims and try to set up some scedules.
In this case, a list of projects (in the sense of specific chunks of work) with information on estimated time and priority. Here it is:

GUI Reskin
Team member(s) working on it: hiponboy, fusion44
Priority: Critical for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: ???

Ingame editors for graphical content
Team member(s) working on it: Lastmerlin
Priority: Critical for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: 3 weeks
Completion: 60%

New mainmenu
Team member(s) working on it: fusion44
Priority: Should be complete for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: ???

Improved tutorial
Team member(s) working on it: Kalimgard
Priority: Should be complete for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: ???

Provide installer for the Windows build
Team member(s) working on it: fusion44
Priority: Should be complete for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: ???

Inclusion of new vegetation meshes
Team member(s) working on it: Psycho, Kalimgard
Priority: Should be complete for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: 80%

Add new regions after dwarfenwall
Team member(s) working on it: Psycho, Kalimgard
Priority: Nice to have for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: ???

Portugeese Translation
Team member(s) working on it: RPSchmitt137
Priority: Nice to have for 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: ???

Improvements to networking
Team member(s) working on it: trapdoor
Priority: Will be done after 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: ???

Translation of the code documentation
Team member(s) working on it: Lastmerlin
Priority: Will be done after 0.5.5
Estimated Time: ???
Completion: 5%

As you can see, I have sorted them by priority. As usually, *nice to have* means, its will be most probably not complete and it does not hurt ^^. Please provide the information for filling the gaps - especially for the high priority ones. There is no point to give time estimates for the *nice to have* or *post-0.5.5* features. However, for the critical ones please try to give a realistic estimate for required time and completion. I know that this is hard - but nobody will blame you if it turns out to be rather unrealistic. (OT: This is the difference to work life, where you are asked to provide _binding deadlines_ for jobs where costs are almost impossible estimate like finding a bug in ten thousands lines of ugly code...). However, I think its a good motivation (at least for me). My value of 3 weeks is rather ambitious, but I know I can do it in this time - writing it done here is a mild way of kicking my own ass and an incentive to really _do_ it in this time. If you dont like this or feel unable to give a time, just say so.

Also feel free to add  some more subprojects. As I said, I somewhat lost overview and its very well possible that I missed something. For instance, I completely miss any movements in musics and sounds. Moreover, translation seems deserted except portugeese. Somehow, I hope that I missed some progress there :D

Programming / Documentation translation project
« on: May 17, 2011, 09:38:41 PM »

I just want to inform you about the work I started recently and which I will do for quite a while now. I already stated it in IRC, but forums are the right place to make an official announcement and I want to avoid that those who visit forums stay uninformed.

What I want to do is to translate the whole programming documentation and all in-code comments into english. This is _a lot_ of work - the codebase is about 90K lines and perhaps one third of this is comments. In other words: This might take a while. Its also unrewarding and nasty work, because it consumes a lot of time without adding any new features. On top of that, nobody can help me with this, because code must always be documented by the programmer himself.

The reason for doing this despite the vast amount of work is easy: Its absolutely necessary. The perhaps most important part about programming good code is documentation. I would never accept any library without any documentation, no matter how good all other criteria are met. In the current state, the code is effectively undocumentated for programmers who can not read german. If we ever want to get some non-german speaking programmers, this must change.

I wont work on that with highest priority, of course. I will rather get on translation when I am coming home from work, beeing mentally to exhausted to do some more complicated things anyway. The really important programming jobs will be done too. However, I will rather work on this project instead of messing with coding jobs I am not efficient at anyway (like new graphics stuff). Providing a good to read codebase and try to attract someone who is really good at this stuff seems a better strategy to me.

Finally, I just wanted to inform what is happening when it seems that programming is idle. My experience is, that the motivation of the whole staff suffers if the impression arises, that the programmers are lazy. Knowing that, I can tell you, that useful work is being done even if it does not yield fancy new features right now.

Programming / Content reload system
« on: March 17, 2011, 12:33:22 AM »
The planned system for reloading content at runtime is almost complete. This post explains the basic features and is half documentation and half information about current work in the programming department.

Essentially its on more function that may be started with the command line (= chat line):
Code: [Select]


The parameter contentGroup must be on of these strings:
"monsters","objects", "projectiles" or "missiles",  "items", "abilities", "luacode", "events" "sounds",  "music",  "renderinfo", "models", "particlesystems"

Most options should quite selfexplaining. Some additional information:
"objects" refers to all non-monster objects (trees, borders etc) and Objectgroups
"luacode" refers to the lua files in data/lua only
"events" is all lua code in Quests, Regions, NPCs

This functions reloads the corresponding data. In some cases, the changes only affect new instances of the monster / items etc. These are:
"monsters","objects", "projectiles",  "abilities", "items"
In other words, you have to create a new monster or a new item to get the modified stats. In all other cases existing game objects are affected as well.

Two more planned options are "images" (reloads all imagesets, for instance item images") and "gui" (reloads the gui layout files).

As soon as it works properly this is part one of the aim "instant ingame visibility of work on the content". Next step will be to offer functionality for creating the data (namely the XML) directly ingame.

I may post some more explanation tomorrow. As soon as someone actually starts using the new functions, please give some feedback.

Graphics / Inventory layout
« on: March 10, 2011, 09:04:29 AM »
After several discussions in IRC I thought it might be good idea to open the discussions on the forum (hoping that we get some additional opinions here). Hiponboy made several concepts and I will ask him to post some of them here.

I will also post some more ideas later - right now I have little time because I have to work.
For now I want to show you what I found what Diablo III does:
I dont propose that we copy their work, but its always interesting to have a look how other solve the problem.

Some quick observations are:
- They have a lot of trouble and redesign as well
- They shifted away from the *tetris inventory* towards separate size classes as well (we did that _first_ !)
- They had a rendered image in the inventory, but removed it
- some of their item images are squareshaped, other are rectangular.

Graphics / benchmark results
« on: March 03, 2011, 09:05:05 AM »
I thought it might be better to create a new thread for that.
Edit: Please also provide the contents of the file ogre.cfg .

This is what i get on Radeon 4550:

fixed meshes:

/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    73.988929748535
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      72.20573425293
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 19
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      195912
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        410
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    26.618318557739
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      25.974025726318
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 43
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      402312
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        1610
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    7.0007672309875
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      6.856023311615
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 152
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      1227912
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        6410
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------

animated meshes:

/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    80.465179443359
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      80.198020935059
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 18
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      174300
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        77
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    29.554395675659
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      29.211294174194
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 41
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      324060
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        308
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    8.5947151184082
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      8.5227270126343
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 124
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      915912
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        1210
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------

particle systems:

/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    104.40251922607
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      100.09910583496
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 19
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      126632
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        34
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    44.529491424561
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      43.478260040283
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 37
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      133772
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        136
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > average FPS:    10.182139396667
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > worst FPS:      8.9020767211914
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > max. frametime: 178
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > triangles:      169096
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > batches:        522
/home/hans/sumwars/trunk/src/core/eventsystem.cpp:3105 writeLog > ------------------------


Render System=OpenGL Rendering Subsystem

[OpenGL Rendering Subsystem]
Display Frequency=60 MHz
Full Screen=No
RTT Preferred Mode=PBuffer
Video Mode=940 x 705
sRGB Gamma Conversion=

Graphics / Graphic benchmark
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:52:55 PM »
I see that we have to get this benchmark running pretty soon, before alfisko starts complaining about poly limit on a daily basis ^^

The current plan is, to create an ingame scene in a fresh region and create a special character (called benchmark) that automatically starts in this region. After selection of this character, all tests will be done as scripted cutscene. Planned tests are:
- placing a high number of decoration objects (perhaps ~1000 visible)
- placing a high number of animated objects (about 50-100)
- placing objects from many different regions maximizing number of textures used
- shooting a lot of particle systems

Meanwhile, performance will be measured and printed into the log at the end.

Any general objections ?
Proposals for more tests ?
Objections on realism ? I know that a real game scene will contain a mix of the listed challenges. But I think extracting single dimensions and pushing them to the extreme will get us much more information where to draw limits and where to relax the rules.
Proposals what information should be gathered ? Apart from the obvious average fps and worst fps ;)

General / Still disconnected...
« on: February 13, 2011, 06:51:07 PM »
You might have noticed that I have been much less active during last weeks. I am not completely out of time, demotivated or whatever - I am just still waiting for my internet connection at home I ordered in early december. What I can say now is, that this procedure is even more horrible than the stories you can hear.

I will just tell you what happened to me yesterday, so you can join me in shaking your head: After succesfully getting your hardware (delivery took 4 weeks, I am also still waiting for one of my christmas presents to arrive, but thats another story) you need a technician for activation. Essentially he has to flip a single switch which takes perhaps 5 minutes, but you need to get him to your flat. They first offered the 22.1, then 5.2 and finally the 12.2 as activation date. In the first two cases I got a notification 3 days earlier that they had cancelled it (without giving any reasons). The conditions are always *the technician might arrive at any time between 8:00 and 16:00 o'clock - if you are not at home when he arrives you he instantly leaves and you have to wait another 3 weeks* . They strictly refuse giving any additional information about the time or giving the phone number of the technician or taking my phone number for more precise communication.

Now, yesterday I sat at home, waiting for the guy, not leaving for a single minute to make sure not to miss him. Nobody appeared. I finally called their damn callcenter (listening to terrible music for 30 minutes) and got told, that the activation date had been cancelled again. I verbally slaughtered the callcenter guy for this quality of service - cancelling some dates that block the whole day without even telling me ! Well, after checking my mails yesterday evening I discovered that I was wrong: They _did_ send me a notificiation - on the morning of the very same day - BY E-MAIL ! They could perfectly know, that I was sitting at home without internet access and sent the message that I was waiting in vain via a message channel they perfectly knew I could not access. Quote of the day by Albert Einstein:
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.

Well I have a new installation date now, the fourth, in two weeks. Its as reliable or unreliable as the previous three.

On top of that, I can not idle on IRC at work as I have done it during the last weeks occasionally. I got my project from someone who left university - with about 50% of the time and money used up but only 20% of the work done. It thought that I was pretty well on scedule, but now discovered, that he wrote in a bragging manner a bunch of points into the project plan without any idea of the required amount of work. Unfortunately, the funders expect that we live up to all these idiotic claims what we can do. My estimate (which is always optimistic as you know), is that its completely impossible to get all the work done. But I have to do as much as possible to minimize the damage.

Why do I tell all that ? Well, I know that often project members reduce their activity quite fast if they feel, that the project is loosing its speed. This is a self-strengthening negative effect. I hope to counter it by telling you the reasons for temporarily reduced activity. Apart from that, the story is just to crazy for not telling it... x(

General / Aims for 0.5.5
« on: February 05, 2011, 09:35:37 PM »
As usual, after the release of a new version, I will declare the aims for the next one.

Central aim is the developement of a new engine for testing new content ingame. The idea is, that almost each aspect of art and scripting content should be accessible via an ingame gui. This includes: Quest scripting, sounds, music, new models/animations. For instance for models I envision, that you can define a monster from a blender mesh and assign some animations to skills with a few clicks and kill it ingame. Of course, several data will be just stubs and actually integrating a new monsters will still require the help of other team members. However I hope that its extremely motivating for modellers to see their work ingame instantly. Similar systems are planned for other types on content, of course.

The second big change that should be completed with the next release is the gui reskin. Hiponboy has already done some great work here and I am convinced, that we will see some massive improvement in general game appearance once it is finished.

Release will be done, as soon as these two aims are met. However, I hope that all other departments are not inactive as well, of course. Here we will take what is done by then. Some areas where I hope for improvement are:
- further improvement of the tutorial (Details here)
- making some the first areas after dwarfenwall accessible (Draft of storyline and dialogs here (Spoiler!))
- even more sounds
- new music (especially if we get new regions with new environment)
- more enemies with fresh meshes (I saw some nice content here already)
- improvements on network - this was reported to be rather unstable lately

As usual, thread is open for discussion, so dont hesitate to make some comments or propose other changes that are really important in your opinion.

General Discussion / Summoning Wars 0.5.4 released!
« on: February 05, 2011, 07:35:33 PM »
Hello to all

I am happy to be able to announce the next release of Summoning Wars, version 0.5.4. Thanks a lot to all contributors who helped and put a lot of time and effort in.
A special thanks is to artisticdude, who provided all the new sounds, which are one major improvement of this version. The second big change were various significant modification to gameplay, player skills and balancing.
As usual, I will give a short changelist:

    * changed several cooldown values for the archer skills
    * added stun to the storm arrows skill
    * changed cooldown values for the warriors fire skills and regeneration
    * added splash damage to warriors charge attacks
    * changed behavior of the warriors taunt and scare warcries
    * gave the warrior a triple whirlattack skill as upgrade of common whirlattack
    * changed  cooldown values for most mage skills
    * significant damage adjustments to mage skills
    * ionisation passive skill now reduces lightning cooldown speed instead of damage bonus
    * changed  cooldown values for all priest healing and booster skills
    * added passive skills for the priest reducing damage taken from undead, demons and elementals
    * modified effect of berserk and confused states
    * small evasion rate is now also granted without using a shield
    * more enchantments are available at Fazir's in dwarfenwall

User Interface:
    * added labels for remaining skill and attribute points
    * added visualization for skill dependecies
    * added shortkey numbers to the belt slots
    * added visulization for missed attacks
    * added graphics for various boosters
    * increased size of small items (rings, amulets) to improve visibility
    * improved descriptions for various skills
    * added drop sounds for all items
    * added drop sounds for all player melee attacks
    * added full soundset for the goblin
    * added full soundset for the zombie
    * added spider attack sound
    * added wolf and slug death soundset

As these modifications should change gameplay experience considerably, we are especially interested in some feedback and reviews. Please keep posting what you like and what not.

And enjoy playing :) !

Sound & Music / Gui and special occasion sounds
« on: January 10, 2011, 01:52:31 PM »
Something I noticed when playing an other games at weekend was: Playing sounds on gui interaction and other player actions (like selecting a skill for instance), as well as special occasions adds significantly to the *feels professional* perception. Currently, sounds are tied to tightly to actions of the avatar, in other words, something that also triggers an animation. Working on that also fits the scope of the next release which is *do the small things that improve player experience*.

As a first action, I implemented some sound for the inventory. I simply chose to play the dropsounds when dropping an item into an inventory or equip slot. By putting the code at the place, this also works for the stash, the belt and the trade window. I also thought about playing a sound when taking the item _out_ but I experienced that the drop sound definitely sounds silly there. Does anyone have a better idea - maybe play an item-independent sound (I have an idea how it could sound, but i cant describe it x( ) ?

However, I worked on a list of different occasions we could use:
- open, close overlays (inventory, characterinfo, skilltree ....)
- button pressed - especially increase attribute and distribute skillpoint (different sounds for these perhaps ? )
- levelup
- teleport
- quest status changed
- potion used
- Item sold / bought
- skill selection changed
- swapped primary / secondary equipement
- collected item (this is played when inventory is hidden)
- blocked damage (I always rejected playing an animation, because this leads to blocklock and other silly effects)

Ok this list is surely not complete yet. Feel free to add some additional ideas. Apart from that, it is also a list for sound proposals again, of course. At the moments we have a turn_page sound that might be used somewhere and I think I saw a teleport sound somewhere in the forum. Overall, this list definetely takes us further away from the aim of having sounds for all occasion we desire. On the other hand, it should take us toward a better gaming experience ;)

General / Aims for 0.5.4
« on: January 04, 2011, 03:25:24 PM »
Version 0.5.3 has been released recently and I want to inform you about my plans what to do next. The next big project is to create ingame editors for several sorts of artwork and scripting. The idea is that projects contributors should be able to test and integrate their work much more easily than nowadays. However, this will take several weeks, so I decided to put this into the release after the next one and make 0.5.4 a quick release inbetween.

The central point of 0.5.4 are balancing changes and other improvements players will easily notice. Among them are the heavy changes to the skilltrees and skills of all playerclasses described here. In addition, several problems critiziced by players have been already fixed like:
- missing visualization for skill dependencies
- missing information about remaining skillpoints and level where you get the next skillpoint
- missing labels for belt shortkeys
- missing visualization for some booster skills
Thanks to artisticdude we can also expect some significant improvement in sounds department.

All in all, the idea is to do all the small things that are easy to implement and easily recognized by players. This gives our players enough new or improved stuff to discover for some weeks and therefore gives us time to work on the insides of the game for a while without creating the appearance that *nothing improved for a long time*. Apart from that I also want that the new skills and skill balanced can be tested (and perhaps critisized) while we are working on the new engines.

Estimated timeframe for the release is in two weeks. This is not as unrealistic as it sounds because a big part of the work is already done. Of course I am still optimistic, that this aim turns out to be too optimistic, as all other estimates before ^^. Currently, the biggest problem for me is, that I dont have internet at home again x(

Sound & Music / How to test sound ingame
« on: January 01, 2011, 09:32:22 PM »
This is a short tutorial how to test some sounds ingame. Just giving a script line that plays the sound once seems not useful to me. To test sounds, you need to hear it in the right situation and you have to test if it fits and is not annoying when played hundreds of times. That means you have to explain the game, when to play the sounds automatically, in other words, edit some of these XML-files. I apologize that there is no really easy way at the moment.

1. Save your sounds somewhere in the ressources/sounds directory. Creating a new subdirectory is recommended.

2. Open one of the XML-files in data/sound for instance battle.xml . These files are used to register sound files. You will see something like this:
Code: [Select]

Such a tag is used to register several wav-Files (in this case 4) into one ingame-sound (in this case called "sword_attack"). Whenever this sound is played ingame, one of the wav-Files is chosen at random. You need to create a new Tag with a new name and place your wave File(s) in there. You can add this tag to any XML file in the data/sound/ directory, but creating a new file is highly recommended.

3. Assign the sound to ingame actions.
Suppose you want to edit sounds for the wolf, so open renderinfo/wolves.xml. You will see something like this:
Code: [Select]


This XML defines how ingame actions are mapped to animations and sounds. The most basic actions are "attack" and "die", the "bleed" state is activated when the monster is hit. To assign a sound to the attack change the tag into:

Code: [Select]

Now the wolf will play a sword swish at each attack. In the tag, the "name" attribute must match the name of the sound you defined in step 2. For the "objectname" attribute use "voice" if the sound comes from the monsters voice, otherwise use "general". Assigning death sounds works similarly. To set hit sounds, use the prepared bleed tag, just remove the comment (the ).

Other Renderinfos that are a good idea to edit:
- spiderbase in arachnids.xml
- birdbase in birds.xml
- goblinbase in goblins.xml
- zombiebase and lichbase in undead.xml

Human enemies and skeletons are a bit more tricky, as they share some animations with the player, which is the most tricky renderinfo of all...

4. Finetune when the sound is played.
Per default, the sound is played when the actions starts. This might be not what you want. You may adjust the exact point in time, by adding a time attribute to the tag. Herein, the value of 0.0 is the start of the action, 1.0 is the end. For instance start playing the sound, when the attack is halfway done:
Code: [Select]

Please be aware, that you are modifying the games core data. Making a safety copy might be a good idea.

This guide will be updated as we develop better tools for sound creators. Please tell me if anything is unclear.

General Discussion / Summoning Wars 0.5.3 released!
« on: December 16, 2010, 01:10:17 AM »
Summoning Wars 0.5.3 is finally complete! Its available on the download page.
Thanks a lot to all contributors for the work done, but also for the patience.
The central change was the upgrade to Ogre 1.7 and CEGUI 0.7 which consumed the most of the time. However, a few new feature were added as well and we also got additional art and story content.

Here is a list of the most important changes:
   * upgraded Ogre version to 1.7
   * upgrade CEGUI version to 0.7
   * capped framerate at 50 reducing processor load
   * added colored tooltips
   * tooltip of equipment is displayed for comparison if inventory item is hoovered
   * added enchantment system
   * implemented auto-pickup for gold

   * added new chat options to several NPCs
   * added Quest: The Scout
   * added Quest: The Goblin Raid
   * improved Tutorial cutscenes

   * added model: Bat
   * added model: Spider
   * added model: Crypt entrance

   * added Russian translation
   * updated German and Italian translation

Have a lot of fun :)

General / Various plans (Protocol of meeting on 21.11)
« on: November 26, 2010, 12:46:49 AM »

on last Sunday, we had a meeting of the project founders (Steffen (Kalimgard), Michael (kemic), Andreas and me). Before the first release, we did these meeting quite regularly (aiming at once per two weeks), but after opening the team for additional contributors I thought, that such meetings are pointless now and unfair to those, who can not attend in person. However, this evening was really efficient and we discussed several good ideas. So we will revive this tradition, but the plan is to offer some skype or mumble channel to give others the tradition to participate as well.

The main points we discussed were
- What to do after 0.5.3 - it was officially called release meeting, finding even more critical bugs that lead to further delay of the release was not planned
- What can we do to get more activity on forum / news etc
- How can we make contributing easier (hoping that this will decrease the number of contributors who leave very short after joining)

To be honest, I am to tired to rephrase all the plans we made now, that why I just attach the protocol of the meeting right now. I may write some more elaborate explanations later.

The content of the protocol also open for discussion, so don't hesitate to write a few lines if you dislike some of the ideas or have better ones.

General / 0.5.3 Prerelease
« on: October 26, 2010, 09:03:44 PM »

after good experiences with this strategy last time, I decided to make an *internal* release again. The idea is of course, to find the last really nasty bugs before presenting the new version to everyone. In past  I also always had to correct the new version multiple time because something was broken / not portable / insufficiently documente and to so. This should be detected before too many players can notice it this time :)

Please playtest it, try to find problems that spoil the fun and report them.

At the moment these packages are available:

Pre-0.5.3 Source  Package
Pre-0.5.3 Linux32 Binary Package
Pre-0.5.3 Windows Package

A Linux64 package should follow as soon as possible as well as a Mac build.

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