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General / Re: Future developement of sumwars
« on: July 04, 2012, 04:13:05 PM »
With the lead dev gone is Summoning Wars essentially in a coma?

 - Guy that played and enjoyed it for the first time barely fifteen minutes ago.

Edit: I'm new here so I thought it would be awkward to say "thanks" to the dev/OP. But it's probably more rude to say nothing. So as someone who is new to the game, I just want to say thanks for what you contributed - you contributed to my entertainment. Good luck with your future endeavors. Also, you sound depressed - maybe you are and you're unaware? Anyway good luck and thanks for your efforts Lastmerlin.

Sincerely, random new guy. ;)

Edit 2: And after looking through the member statistics it looks like you were by far the most active person on this project:

You also haven't received any response in this thread since July 2 and it's now the July 5. It looks like you were something resembling the "life blood" of this project. I guess that's that?

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