Topic: Things that probably could and should be deleted

mafm on August 05, 2012, 10:48:21 AM


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I detected a few things that I think that are mostly unused and seem remnants from tests, and so they could be deleted.  Some of these also have some license redistribution restrictions, which could put in risk the distribution at least in Debian/Ubuntu main repositories if not removed.

If not deleted from the upstream repository, at least it would be nice if you could create the source packages without the extra tools and things.  Of course, I could repack myself, but there are reasons too long to explain in detail that make this a bit cumbersome.  In short, I would have to explain that I repacked the upstream packages (otherwise it will look suspicious that I remove stuff at a whim), give instructions or write scripts so the users can repeat the process, etc.

- share/resources/packs/

Contains misc Ogre media files, and includes Larabie fonts that due to license restrictions cannot be part of Debian main.

It's only included in these, but I don't know if they are actually used:


- tools/graphicengine/ and tools/meshtest/

This whole directory seems to be a result of tests, or specialised tools, mostly unmodified since more than 2 years ago, but still some files have commits from time to time (so people has to spend time maintaining them).

Is this useful at all, or could at least be removed for the public releases?

- tinyxml

There are three (!!!) embedded copies of tinyxml in the source code, one of the copies is different from the others (so either one or two, or possibly even all three, are out of date).  They are in:


It's probably very easy to keep the first (and keep it up to date) and remove the rest, modifying the code using it to include the copy in "src/tinyxml".

I failed to detect the two extra copies and didn't document that they were copyrighted by other people and not Sumwars people, it's one of the reasons why my package was rejected and so why Sumwars is not present in Debian since March.

- share/resources/particle/ogre_1_6

I guess that OGRE 1.6 files can be removed, 1.7 has been supported for quite a while.

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