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joystick controls


My thought was that there should be an option to forgo the mouse and use a joystick/gamepad and get some gauntlet style fighting in there.  As it is, it plays like diablo where you have to click each and every enemy to kill them unless its an area of engagement spell/something.  With a gamepad/joystick gameplay you could just mash the attack button instead of mashing the mouse button.

As I see it you would need to:

Write a joystick input event listener to get the button presses and such.

Write a manual target selection routine for target changes.

Write a select absolute nearest routine for quick targeting.

For quick gameplay but lots of work in programming you could write an auto target nearest enemy based on character direction targeting routine so that the button mashing doesn't have to be intelligent for the user but still will allow your character to fight them how you wish to fight them without suddenly spinning around backwards.


if I am facing this way


and the nearest enemy is within a 90 degree arc from my position with a designated distance as the zone of attack.
               _ - 45degrees
............../                   :
me--->>|  {Bad guys} :  {End zone of attack}
..............\_                 :                {This Bad Guy won't be attacked/targeted}
                 + 45degrees

The old bad guy will still be attacked even if an enemy shoves him over a little.  The new nearest target will not be selected unless you tell it to change, either of you move a significant distance (such as the player running away and attacking or the enemy runs away from the crowd), or the enemy dies.

You'll probably also need to adjust the enemy ai/collision detection so that they don't stack on top of the same exact spot and that they don't clip into the player's character.

Welcome to the board xovan :)

I thought about this too, but if we add this feature we'd need to create two separate versions of the game.
We can't just add another control mode since the current spells are all made for the current control scheme and won't just work with a more direct controls.

Also consider an boss fight where the boss allot of weaker opponents which will not be directly attacked by the player. You'll never really be able to figure out whether the player want to attack the boss or the smaller opponents. Or in group play where a team member is attacked and another player wants to rescue him but can't target  the "right" enemy.

Don't count on this feature to be implemented, sorry. :)


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