Topic: RomeoX at your service, sir. In sound matters

West on November 01, 2011, 09:54:02 AM
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I have no problems being polite and constructive, but when I'm faced with arrogance I usually don't waste my time being nice. OK, I admit it, the horrible woodwinds comment was a bit harsh but see it from my perspective for a moment:

IMO RomeoX has a long, long way to go before he could contribute something worthwile to the project -- a first step would be getting the proper tools for the job, as I *did* suggest -- but with an attitude like his I don't see it ever happening. So with that in mind, should I really have to spend my time analyzing his piece and making a list of everything that is wrong with it and what he needs to get better at? I shouldn't have to remind you that our goal here is to make a good game, not provide free classes in virtual orchestration. I'll happily give friendly pointers to people who appear to be open to it, which RomeoX wasn't judging from his defensive remarks.

A parallell: if a guy posts stick figures in the art forum, would you feel it's worth it explaining to him exactly what steps he needs to take in order to contribute to the game? Especially if he thinks his stick figures are awesome and gets all huffy when you criticize him?

Besides, what is *really* the problem here? Did you think his piece was great? Or are you afraid I'm scaring contributors off? Yes we do need more music but if you feel that justifies putting *any* music in the game, well, then you don't need me. You could just pluck a bunch of random stuff from Jamendo or whatever. Not being hostile here, just pointing it out. IIRC Lastmerlin asked me to join the project not only to make some music for it, but also to make sure contributions are up to a certain musical standard. And that is exactly what I'm doing.

Point taken though. I'll do my best to be nicer, even when I feel I have no reason being nice. I would also appreciate if we could have discussions like this in private in the future.