Topic: Guideline for Sounds.

dezGusty on October 25, 2011, 10:50:49 PM


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Hi, if you ever added a sound to the game and it doesn't seem to play (because it doesn't actually play), please check the sumwars log file. This should be located in you user folder.
(E.g. on Windows it could be
Code: [Select]

If you have sounds in incorrect formats you will find entries like these:
Code: [Select]
[E] sumwars\src\gui\sound.cpp:85 SoundSystem::loadSoundFile > Could not load [./resources/sound/monster_sound_effects/wolf_att_1.wav]
[E] sumwars\src\gui\sound.cpp:85 SoundSystem::loadSoundFile > Could not load [./resources/sound/inventory_sound_effects/cloth_2.wav]

This may be something that only occurs on Windows, I don't have a Mac or Linux environment.

The cause for this is the format. Sounds (wave files at least) should be encoded in the PCM16 format, but some sounds are encoded in PCM24.
You can check this with many programs. On Windows you could use Winamp.
So if you have a sound in 24 bit PCM (see attached: 24bitPCM.png), use a program like Audacity to transform it to PCM16. It's one of the default types (see attached: 24_to_16bitPCM.png). After this, the sound format should read correctly PCM 16 bit (see attached: 24bitPCM.png)
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