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Feedback & Feature Requests / RE: _testclass Summon Skeleton
« on: May 12, 2010, 08:59:48 AM »
This testclass is a test (as the name says ^^) to demonstrate that it is possible to create entire new player classes with new abilities. It is mainly used to test abilities that should be used by monsters later. There is no intention to create a necromancer class. This fact that this test class is visible to the player is the real glitch, because it should have been removed before releasing.

General Discussion / RE: Mac version?
« on: May 11, 2010, 10:30:57 PM »
I did ask crimson-pinguin and he was not uninterested, although he told me to come back tomorrow to have a deeper look on it. With a bit of luck, we will get a mac build. But he also named the list of dependencies *quite a list* ^^

Sound & Music / RE: Sound Effect Requirements/Specifications
« on: May 11, 2010, 07:17:47 PM »
Are you interested in joining the team ?
If you meet me in the irc I can give you infos how to put sounds into the game make a few experiments (we are working on some docs as well).
At the moment we use .wav files with 44.1 Khz sampling (is this already enough information). To be honest, I have no idea about sounds.
As you can easily see ingame, we need sounds for almost everything: Attacks, magic, getting hit, die, drops for items and so on.

Perhaps West can name some more things that might be important.

Sound & Music / RE: Music for the youtube video
« on: May 11, 2010, 07:03:46 PM »
This is definitely a good style for an advertising video. As you have said, we need something with impressive and somewhat pompous sound for that. For the main game this would be too agressive and distracting in the most places. Nevertheless I think there might be occasions where this style is good as well. I could imagine some cutscenes with a very dramatic feeling or the music for an endboss fight.

General Discussion / RE: Mac version?
« on: May 11, 2010, 08:17:18 AM »
I am not convinced that pestering him is the right approach :D
I will ask this evening.

General Discussion / RE: Mac version?
« on: May 11, 2010, 06:56:49 AM »
I will try get a Mac version as soon as possible. The first attempt is to convince the Wesnoth-Mac Build maker to do it :D
You can propose other strategies, of course.

Uh, this looks ugly. Are you sure, that DEPS_LIBS is the right variable to set the path to 64-bit libs ? The problem is imo, that 64-bit Ogre tries to load a 32-bit lib and fails. Try changing the path to the OGRE libs in the plugins.cfg file.

Programming / World decomposition outline
« on: May 10, 2010, 09:37:28 PM »
The game World consists of several, strongly separated parts called Regions. Only objects which are in one region can interact with each other. The only objects that may move from one region to another are the players. The regions and their properties are defined in the world XML files placed in data/world/ .
Documentation for all XML formats will be created soon.

Regions are created on demand (whenever the first player enters the region) by a component named mapgenerator. The Regions are created by placing Objectsgroups. The map generator first places some objectgroups from a fixed set on a grid to create the border. After that additional groups specified in World XML are created. An important special case is, that the whole region consists of one object group. For example the cities are made this way.

An objectgroup is a set of objects with defined rotation, height and position relative to the center of the objectgroup. In Addition, they may define some named locations and areas that are used for scripting later. objectgroups are defined in data/object_group directory.
Often objectgroups contain abstract object names, which are denoted by a dollar sign $ as first character. These abstract objects are replaced by a randomly chosen element of a set of concrete objects on creation of the objectsgroup. That allows easy random variation. The mapping of abstract to concrete objects is made in data/obj_templates XML. An example: A $tree object is replaced by tree1, tree2 or tree3 at random.

The mapgenerator also defines an environment for the region. The environment influences, which concrete objects may replace an abstract object. For instance in hills $tree can be replaced by tree3 only, as tree3 is a cornifer which usually grow on hills. At the moment, only pure environment regions are used, but there is an engine to create mixed environment regions.

For lua:
This package is named lua5.1 on some systems and just lua on others. Try:
Code: [Select]
pkg-config --modversion lua
Code: [Select]
pkg-config --modversion lua5.1
If the first one works, try changing the depency lua5.1 in to lua and rerun

This is almost known issue and will be included in the INSTALL file as troubleshooting hint soon.

for vorbis: first of all, install libogg devel lib, too. Then try a similar approach: Check with pkg-config which packages with vorbis in its name are already installed (you can also look into usr/lib/pkg-config for the .pc files instead). Then try to determine, if these file are what you need (that is quite probable). If yes, change the dependency to the name of the package that is already present and try again.

General Discussion / RE: First impressions
« on: May 09, 2010, 09:52:29 PM »
Thanks for the feedback.
You have critiziced several things, that are definitely planned for future:

The _solo are appended if strings that should be translated are the same in english, but may not be the same in other languages. They are distinguished by an added _solo (or something else). In future, we want to hide such tricks from the user.

Windows resizing and fullscreen are not supportet at the moment - this is definitely planned.

For alt + click: Go to options screen, and change the key to CTRL. Then you can pick up items with ctrl. I do this on all linux systems. I have no idea how to override X Server so that you can use alt.

The critisicm to the dialog system is the only thing that *hurts* (in terms of change is neiter planned nor easy). You have to consider that this game can also played via multiplayer. When you start the game with 3 players, the dialogs will adapt to that (all players will take part). We are pretty proud of this system :) . Now suppose you have three players and all should see the same cutscene synchronously - will you continue if all players have confirmed they have read the text - or only one ? In the first case, what happens if one players forgets to click ?
In fact, I personally like the current system (that is why I made it this way ^^). I think I will wait for more opinions in this case and see, if the majority dislikes it.

More relaxed click detection system is a permanent subjects of discussion among developers. If you relax it to much, you will hit monsters you did _not_ intend to hit. We already check against a cylinder-shaped bounding box and not against the mesh itself. My experience is, that it just needs some training to hit monsters properly :P

If you encounter other issues, please do not hesitate to post them as well.

General Discussion / RE: Suggestion
« on: May 09, 2010, 09:27:45 PM »
Well I personally have no problem with using RakNet 2.x at all. Its a GPL lib after all. I have noticed, that some very strict open source fans dislike it, because the 3.x version is not GPL and also 2.x was dual licensed (there was a commercial license as well).

At the end the critical point is the *someone* : I wont do it so soon, because I have just better ideas what to do next. If someone does this, I will indeed be glad to switch to the free fork of RakNet.

General Discussion / RE: Suggestion
« on: May 08, 2010, 08:32:39 AM »
First of all, thank you for giving some feedback - that is what we need to fix the issues. Please dont be too annoyed by glitches of both the software and the website - both were released the first time yesterday.

Quote from: 'qubodup' pid='5' dateline='1273277932'

1. I tried compiling but failed due to raknet dependancy, which I would prefer to stay clear of, due to its non-open source nature. (more info) That's just me though, I'm sure hardly anybody will be less willing to try the game. Is there a way to compile without rakNet?

Raknet once was GPL (or had at least GPL as option next to others) and the version that is provided on our website is GPL. That is a problem that can occur with any lib, that they decide to remove the GPL license. We are thinking about removing the lib, but this is not that easy. And at the moment you can not compile without it.

Quote from: 'qubodup' pid='5' dateline='1273277932'

2. the forum is very annoying as a frame in the site, because so much space is 'stolen' :) and because it's impossible to direct link to threads, unless you know how to work with frames. I would recommend adding a link to the forum url as not everybody knows how to open frames. Also I would recommend using the phpbb forums, as this will eliminate administration time waste and many people (at least developers) have accounts and it has openid.
3. your news have no atom/rss feed. I strongly recommend using the wordpress blog, no mater how ugly it is, the news feed is important IMHO :)

Sorry to start with such annoyances, hopefully I'll be able to test the game and praise it instead in the future ^^

We will take care of that, thanks for the proposal.

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